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Metal On Loud EP


Напоминаем о присутствии в сети нового дигитального релиза Dissector, опубликованного в поддержку нового сингла "Metal On Loud", записанного эксклюзивно для метал-сообщества Metalheads Forever.


Заглавный трек дополнен ранее неизданным студийным материалом и специальным ремиксом от DJ Q-Ran! Предлагаем ознакомиться с рецензией на этот ЕР от Тани Легран с портала Metalheads Forever:

Russian melodic death band Dissector recorded metal anthem "Metal On Loud" for one of the largest metal Facebook community METALHEADS FOREVER (www.metalheadsforever.com) and its metal portal METAL ON LOUD MAGAZINE this autumn. And for wider promotion of this metal hit the band released a new EP with the same name. The digital EP is available on the official Facebook page of Dissector and their bandcamp page (https://dissector.bandcamp.com/) Besides the key track - militantlike, combative and not typical for Dissector metal hit with classical song structure and inspiring melody, and its instrumental version, EP contains exclusive remix of the song from Saint Petersburg DJ Q-Ran, as well as not released earlier a headbanging speedy thrash metal track "Far From Mind" which was recorded in a studio while creation of album "Grey Anquish". Dissector added an instrumental version of the song "True Conqueror" - one more hitman of the same holder - from the album "Pride And Hate", to support high speed level of EP. A good news for those who prefer to hold a physical CD in hands: Dissector is planning to release the EP on discs and will be included into the next album of Dissector. I strongly recommend to explore more the key track of the EP - "Metal On Loud" - metal anthems touching a nerve and raising a feeling of metalheads' unity are very rare on metal scene. So, listen, sing, download, share...and METAL ON LOUD! \m/

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