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Новая рецензия на альбом "Planetary Cancer"


Отличная рецензия на альбом "Planetary Cancer". Андрей заслуживает таких...

Ein obligatorisches Intro und los geht’s. Die Rede ist von DISSECTOR, die mit "Planetary Cancer" ihren neuen Streich parat haben. "Planetary Cancer" ist ein fantastisches, episches Album, wie es nicht besser sein könnte. DISSECTOR warten mit einem absolut kompromisslosen, nahezu bombastischen Songwriting auf, welches durchzogen von kompositorischer Tiefe und überzeugenden lyrischen Fähigkeiten nicht nur Fans dieses Genres überzeugen kann.

Sänger Yan hat sich in seiner gesanglichen Leistung vielfach verbessert und verschont durch ein kontrastreicheres Gesangsfeeling den Hörer vor überzogenen Hochtonattacken. Die Produktion ist mehr als fett geworden. Dies macht sich im Besonderen durch fein abgestimmte Instrumente und vor allem durch eine technisch perfekt umgesetzte Gesangsdifferenzierung bemerkbar. DISSECTOR bieten auf ihrem Album ein fein geschliffenes Werk, welches relativ klischeefrei wirkt und eben durch seine Klasse überzeugen kann. Beeindruckend auch wie man es hinbekommen hat, die meist rasant und erbarmungslos riffenden Strophen mit unglaublichen Ohrwurmrefrains zu kombinieren, ohne dabei in irgendeiner Form an Härte zu verlieren; bestes Beispiel hierfür ist "The Shape Of Things To Come" oder "Exit Humanity". Daneben gibt es 1a Midtempostampfer wie "The Deep" und Hymnen a la "The Hate Inside". Besser kann man sein Geld einfach nicht investieren.

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Новая рецензия на альбом "Planetary Cancer"


Читайте новую рецензию на наш новый альбом "Planetary Cancer"

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It takes a little while for this album to warm up. The opening track does very little for me however, Fallen One and the title track perk my interest immensely by sounding very familiar. Think vocals by way of Paradise Lost vocalist Nick Holmes complemented by a Brain Fair (Shadows Fall) edge.

The music itself has slight doom undertones (much like Shades of God/Icon era PL) though chugs along at a decent gallop encompassing a well-executed melodic death style courtesy of Dark Tranquility or In Flames (the two sound rather similar in my opinion) also. Very discernable too is the groove metal element. The riffs and rhythms are surprisingly effective, unpredictable, addictive and catchy without once dipping into brutal blast beat or chaotic territories.

Various guest musicians make appearances on several tracks, mostly guitar solos, including but not limited to Marios Lliopoulos of Nightrage fame, in the track Hate Inside and Lauri Tuoimaa ex- Charon in the track In the Deep. ​

Invisible Lives is a palette cleanser and sports dominant female vocals (courtesy of Rachel Grech – Blind Saviour) for a heavy Nightwish/The Gathering aura. Strangely still very listenable regardless of the fact it’s by far the mellowest track found here. In conclusion Planetary Cancer breaks no new ground in relation to the melodic or even the groove metal scene. Although with this in mind it remains however, a very easy listen boasting excellent production and no sign of filler material. In essence this is an album that’s hard not to like immensely which only gets better the more you submerge yourself in it. A fantastic collection of tracks from a three piece, you may not have heard of even though they’ve been on the scene over twenty years and know exactly how to keep the metal ears happy.

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Interview with Marios Iliopoulos


We had a great opportunity to talk privat with Marios Iliopoulos, guitarist from the band NIGHTRAGE, one of the best melodeath-metal band in the world. As you might know, Marios was involved in recording of DISSECTOR’s last studio album, and has recorded solo in our track “The Hate Inside”. So we, as advanced fans of Nightrage has got some interesting answers about current situation in the band and especially about it’s rare stuff. Enjoy!

First of all, I want to congratulate You with the imminent release of the new album "The Venomous". New music is always exciting. What expectations do you have associated with future release? Any differences with previous one?

Thanks for the interest in the band, we are very excited with the new album, as we think this is one of the best material that we have ever written for a while. It´s a team effort and we have worked really hard to finish all songs, this time we introduce to the song writing our new guitarist Magnus Söderman, and together we use the same team me and Ronnie Nyman to write all the music and lyrics for “The Venomous” Our expectations is to try to promote this album the best we can, and also the differences with the last album is that the songs are more matured now and they have more exciting melodies. Also the new ideas that we worked together make the whole thing very fresh, and it sounds like an amalgam of great ideas coming together. Without we have to force anythng, all ideas coming very naturally to us and we always see the band as fans and we try to play what we would like to hear.

To my regret, Nightrage regularly have to deal with the line-up changes. In this regard, I guess that each new record - it is a certain stress for you. It’s true?

Well yeah that been a thing for us to have to deal with in the past, but I think that these 2 new members that been added to the Nightrage family, Magnus and Lawrence they are good musicians and most probably awesome people to be with, so the future looks bright for Nightrage. I had always to carry on with the band no matter what, and I´m happy that we are still here and making albums that we are happy with, and also we kept the Nightrage identity all over the years, evolving the music and the lyrics, in a place that we want to be, without sacrificing quality, and not taking hasty decisions like taking the band to do something that we dont believe in.

After nearly two years and having the new album - how are you satisfied with the previous album «The Puritan». What would you like to improve on it?

I love the album and for me and Ronnie Nyman was the best we could do under the situations we have to face, we have learn in this band to be survivors and we have proven that a lot of times, so I´m proud of the album and I think its definetely a Nightrage, in your face, and well written album. I wish only that we could play more shows and tours to promote properly, but we have the chance now with the new album “The Venomous”

Your current label has released five digital singles from the previous album «The Puritan». How far is this promo-option paid off?

Yeah that was a really awesome thing from Despotz Records, and I think that they are new to this buisness, but they have great knowledge and they are doing the best they can to achieve their goals. So I think that, the most quality stuff you put out there the best it can be, to try to make your album exposed to the metal fans. We never had the chance to release any single on the previous albums, but ”The Puritan” was the beggining and from what I heard that will happen also with ”The Venomous”

How many songs do you compose usually for every album? How many ideas are left unreleased after studio-sessions?

We usually put out all the stuff that we have composed on the demo stages, but this time we have 3 songs that been left out from the album, as we thought that the album will be long and take away people attention, also its better to put the songs that all of the guys are happy with, So we are all on the same page.

I think the sophisticated fans of Nightrage, me included, will be interested in your comments about some bonus tracks of the group.

• Black Skies - Why this song became a bonus-track?

That probably was a mistake, as I think its one of the best songs on the album, but of course we needed to have a bonus song for Japan, so we had to sacrifice it for the Japanese fans.

• Gallant Deeds (Feat. Mikael Stanne) – Why this collaboration is to find only on re-release of “Descent Into Chaos”? Wasn’t the song enough well for the original album at that moment?

That song was a a bit different from the rest of the album, and we thought that takes away all the energy and atmosphere that we wanted to portray with Descent Into Chaos album, so we decided to take it away from the album and never release it, but when the time came for the re-releases, some years later then we changed our minds and we decided to add it on this release, its a great song in the end, and sometimes you realise that with the passing of time, you start to listen and see things that you didnt like in the past, we just stoped being too hard on ourselves I guess.

• Ostentatious - Why this super energetic song became a bonus-track for Japan?

That was the other guys in the band at the time that they were really against that song, and it was only me keep saying what you just described before, its one of the best Nightrage songs for me, and it finally see the light of day on the Japanese release of the album.

• Holier than thou (Metallica cover) - Why exactly this cover-version?

We love Metallica and we wanted to make a cover of a song that its kind of obscure and I dont think that metallica play a lot of times live either. I think it turns out really well and tried to keep the essense of the song and add the Nightrage style in there.

• Photograph (Def Leppard cover) – Why the band decided to do the song digital only?

I think we also use it as a bonus track for Japan, and its one of these bands that you dont expect to be covered by a band like us, but we tried it and it turns out to be pretty good, I love the chorus and the clean guitars and the vocal hook there, always make me feel inspired.

• Lone Lake (Instrumental) Alternate version – Why alternative version of album version and not a new song, for example? Wasn’t enough recorded?

It was a last minute thing that we have been asked while we were recording the album, and we thought that this might be the best solution having a bonus song for South Korea market, and also at the same time, dont sacrifice any other song from the album, we wanted to make everybody happy I guess.

Do we have a chance to find all these songs on a hypothetical CD-compilation with rare and (maybe) unreleased songs by Nightrage?

Not at the moment but Im sure if you look on youtube, you can find all of them. Cool idea for a future release maybe.

Has your previous label Lifeforce the idea to re-release all your Lifeforce’s albums in expanded version like Century Media did in the past?

I havent heard anything like that so far, but I dont think its something so hard to be happen, will be cool to have that period of the band on a re-release package, all depends of how “The Venomous” will go, and that might trigger a re-release of the Lifeforce years.

A year ago you participated in the recording of the song "The Hate Inside" from the album "Planetary Cancer" by the Russian band Dissector. As far as I know, you take part regularly in different metal-music projects. What do You like mostly while doing collaborations?

I like to play some guest leads, or helping bands writing songs and lyrics, and if these bands find me good enough to make something for their new album, its really fun for me to do so, to make them happy and also contribute the best I can on their beloved music, its like sharing your love to metal in a way, spreading metal and happines, thats what I love to do.

Does Nightrage have any plans for touring in 2017? Maybe Russia again?

Yeah we have a great team of people that we are working with now, Infrasound management, and they are working hard now to put the band on the best shows and tours, Russia would be so awesome to come back, as we had the best of times on the last time when we visiting there, so many passionate people loving the music, amazing places and great people all around.

Thank You for this interview, Marios! Hope we will hear a lot of new music from Nightrage camp and much other collaboration!

Thanks for the great chance to talk to you bro, and hope to see you and all our great fans on our next shows in Russia, happy new year and stay metal.

And don’t forget - The 7th studio album "The Venomous" will be released worldwide March 31st 2017 on Despotz Records. To pre-order your copy of The Venomous today visit the Despotz Records web-store.


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Умер Андрей Глухов


С прискорбием сообщаем, что в ночь с 29 на 30 декабря 2016 года не стало Андрея "Круглого" Глухова, барабанщика и одного из основателей группы Dissector. Это невосполнимая утрата для всех, кто был знаком с этим чудесным человеком, и для всех, кому на протяжении многих лет остаётся небезразлична музыка Dissector. Наше состояние не выразить в словах... Андрей будет похоронен 3 января 2017 года в городе Владимир.

Покойся с миром, дорогой Друг

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Dissector на трибьюте My Dying Bride


Рады сообщить, что группа Dissector участвует в международной трибьютной компиляции "Long Stay In The Darkness", посвящённой культовым британским думстерам My Dying Bride. Специально для этого сборника кавер-версий Dissector записали свою версию песни "Into The Lake Of Ghosts". Сведением трека занимался небезызвестный саунд-продюсер Кристиан Шмид в немецкой студии Music-Factory, который также сводил наш новый студийный альбом "Planetary Cancer". Среди уже заявленных участников компиляции - Tartharia, Mental Home, Little Dead Bertha, Dominia и другие. Теоретически, альбом в виде 2-CD диги-пака должен выйти до конца этого года на лейбле SoundAge Production в сотрудничестве с фэнзином OR. В этом смысле, следим за новостями.

Альбом "Planetary Cancer" вышел!


По разным причинам давно не обновляли наш блог. Вся самая актуальная информация в последнее время оперативнее всего появляется на наше странице в Фэйсбуке, вместе с рецензиями и прочими сопутствующими новостями. Но суть происходящего от этого не изменилась. Наш новый студийный альбом "Planetary Cancer" вышел на российском лейбле Mazzar Records и сейчас доступен по весьма вменяемой цене в виде эксклюзивного 6-панельного глянцевого диги-пака в онлайн-магазине лейбла - http://shop.mazzar.ru/product/dissector/

На нашей официальной странице https://dissector.bandcamp.com/ в цифровую версию альбома добавлен небольшой инструментал "Hope", записанный во время студийных сессий альбома "Grey Anguish".

Параллельно с выходом альбома Dissector продолжают работу над новыми песнями и уже планируют на весну следующего года выпуск EP с новыми песнями. Рабочее название будущего релиза - "Loss". Оформлением нового релиза Dissector занимается наш бессменный дизайнер Пабло Антонов (https://www.facebook.com/pavlik.antonov?fref=ts). Как и на альбоме "Planetary Cancer", в новых песнях будут присутствовать несколько приглашённых гитаристов.