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Все версии альбома "Grey Anguish"

Продолжаем наводить порядок в нашей цифровой дискографии. Напоминаем о том, что значительно расширенную цифровую версию знакового для Dissector альбома "Grey Anguish" вы можете найти на всех крупнейших порталах с цифровой музыкой:


Google Playhttps://goo.gl/NLdUWT




Альбом "Grey Anguish" есть также на компакт-диске и строго лимитированной аудиокассете. Заказ можно сделать здесь - https://dissector.bandcamp.com/album/grey-anguish

Цифровой релиз "Not Like Before"


В процессе работы над большим количеством нового материала, записанного с нашим бессменным барабанщиком и другом Андреем Глуховым, мы решили впервые опубликовать в цифровом виде некоторые релизы Dissector, ранее официально доступные только на компакт-дисках. Мы начали с альбома "Not Like Before", возникшего по случаю юбилея группы в 2012 году:

Google Play - https://goo.gl/L0H0jW


Spotify https://goo.gl/uC8qnT

Bandcamp - https://dissector.bandcamp.com/album/not-like-before

Из-за цензуры мы использовали альтернативную обложку, созданную Пашей Антоновым (ART's Kill). Альбом "Not Like Before" также доступен на компакт-диске по очень выгодной цене https://dissector.bandcamp.com/merch.

Цифровой ЕР "The Hate Inside"

Список цифровых релизов Dissector дополнил 6-трековый EP "The Hate Inside", в который, помимо альбомной версии самого сингла "The Hate Inside", вошло несколько дополнительных треков и версий песен, возникших в процессе работы над альбомом "Planetary Cancer". В настоящий момент он доступен на двух платформах:

Spotify - https://vk.cc/6lXjmZ


Оригинальный альбом "Planetary Cancer" вы также можете найти на следующих онлайн-платформах:


Google Playhttps://goo.gl/orUYd2


Альбом доступен на компакт-диске по адресу http://shop.mazzar.ru/product/dissector/

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Interview with Lauri Tuohimaa

Hello! Here is an very nice interview with our friend and collaborator, guitarist Lauri Tuohimaa from the Finnish band TUOHIMAA and ex-member of CHARON. Lauri has recorded solo in the track "The Deep" from the album "Planetary Cancer" by DISSECTOR and also one solo for the future album by THE LUST. We are very happy with results!

1. Hi Lauri! I am glad to talk with You. For those who maybe don’t know You, introduce yourself and your band.

- Hi Jan! I’m Lauri Tuohimaa and have been playing in different groups from the mid-90´s. I was the vocalist/guitarist in Embraze and played guitar in For My Pain, Charon and Maple Cross.

2. Your new group Tuohimaa plays great drive-rock in Finnish and with that significant Finnish melancholy. Personally, I cannot get enough of the song «HyvästiJää», which has for me some quality and bitter-sweet, wonderful emotions of your former band Charon. Do you have enough of the Finnish market for your new band? Are there some options with foreign tour? How do you evaluate the prospects of Tuohimaa at least in the local market?

- Thank you. Hyvästi Jää indeed represents the more melancholic side of our band, I like the song myself too and very often it’s the final song of our concerts. It would be great to perform abroad too after a long time but it’s a bit tricky when you perform in Finnish. We are still a new comer in Finland but are getting more and more “foot between doors” in the market.

3. I simply must take this opportunity to ask you about Charon group because at the time I used to listen to your albums a lot, and considered your sound as a model for the whole genre. Was it really a collective decision - to disband? Or were some of the participants against it and would like to continue?

- Yes, it was a collective decision. For a long time, we tried to complete new songs but unfortunately it just didn’t feel fun and inspiring anymore. Also, other projects took lots of our times. Our path with Pasi Sipilä diverged two years earlier before we quit the band.

4. I think that no one has believed that after such strong albums as "The Dying Daylights" and "Songs For the Sinners" with powerful b-sides, Charon have run out of ideas for songs, and the band has split because of this. Everyone was so tired of the music you played? Do you keep contacts with former members of Charon?

- We simply just burned ourselves out: we toured a lot in Finland and abroad. Straight after the release of Songs for The Sinners, we continued making of new songs –lots of very good songs were never published. Our relationships between each other were also quite sore and we were frustrated in the whole music business. After Charon split, it took couple of years that I didn’t see any of the former band mates. But at the present, we keep in touch with Antti and JP quite often and are good friends. Actually, me and JP are co-actors in music theatre and he’ll be visiting in forthcoming Tuohimaa-album as well. I see Teemu occasionally as well, but haven’t seen Pasi since he quit the band.

5. Do you still have some unreleased songs in the archives of Charon, which wasn’t maybe included in the compilation of «A-sides, B-sides & Suicides»?

- We do, a whole album of them! You never know if we end up re-recording and releasing them 

6. Do you personally get offers to play in some famous Finnish rock band or to organize a super-group after Charon?

- For some groups, I got asked after Embraze and Charon had finished but I wanted to take some distance from making music. These days I have politely said no for all inquiries, because I want to put all my creativity into Tuohimaa band. It would be nice to sing hard metal someday, though.

7. Did you have any other side projects, in addition to participating in the recording of the album Dissector "Planetary Cancer" a year ago?

- After Charon, I played for a while in groups called DevilSent, Haavat and Cvalda, in Cvalda were also Reflexion singer Juha Kylmänen and Embraze drummer Ilkka Leskelä. We released one single and few gigs but then the group split. It was great to play in Dissector album, I like the band very much.

8. Your hometown Oulu is one of the most iconic places for Finnish metal. You lived here all your life? Why do not you moved to Helsinki?

- I’ve lived most of my life in Oulu. This is nice, rather small and peaceful town. I travel a lot around Finland with my cover band and because of the music theatre project, and Oulu is convenient because it’s as far from South as it is from Lapland. I’ve often thought about moving to Tampere or Helsinki, maybe someday but now it’s a no.

9. Where do you think, live the most sociable and hospitable Finns?

- I think the most social people come from Eastern Finland.

10. There is a Russian proverb - "What for Russian is well, means death for the German”. If we reinterpret it to "What for Finn is good, means death to everyone", then what could it be?

- Maybe Finns are people who can take the hottest heat in sauna and hardest drinking of booze  If tar, booze and sauna doesn’t help you, it’ll kill you. I haven’t used alcohol for years myself, though.

11. Are you very susceptible to the famous Finnish melancholy and depressive states?

- Yes, I believe I am.

12. Tell us about your favorite vacation spot, your favorite food and drink.

- I like having my vacations in warm places, Spain and Greece are my favourites. My favourite food is definitely pizza, and drink is water, black coffee and non-alcoholic beer.

13. To what point in your life would You return again and again?

- Tuohimaa band’s gig in Oulu’s Qstock-festival last summer was so awesome that I could go back on that stage again and again! Afternoon sun was shining so brightly, there were thousands of people who participated with our show with great energy. That was fantastic. Charon also played great shows e.g. in Moscow and St.Petersburg, those are warm memories.

14. Thanks for the interview, Lauri! We wish good luck to your group, and we will happy to hear the new joint recording with you.

- Thank You so much, have nice and sunny spring and summer 2017!

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Раздел с мерчем на Bandcamp


Напоминаем, что на нашей официальной странице на Bandcamp - https://dissector.bandcamp.com - открыт и прекрасно функционирует раздел с атрибутикой (https://dissector.bandcamp.com/merch), где вы можете легко и просто заказать наши компакт-диски и футболки. Раздел пополняется по мере поступления новых товаров и обнаружения редких артефактов.

Interview with Jorn Nord from Nordjevel

Hello, friends!

Dissector are glad to introduce once again one of the dear guests on our latest studio album "Planetary Cancer" - guitarist and singer Jorn Nord from the Norwegian black-metal band Nordjevel. We had a good opportunity to talk with Jorn about different earthbound things and, of course, music. So, enjoy!

1. Greetings, Jorn! Tell us a little about yourself and your metal band.

Greetings! I was born in a small town in Norway, about a hundred kilometers from Oslo. I’ve always been passionate about music in many different genres. One of my earliest musical memories was ABBA, and I guess they somewhat shaped by musical journey. I tend to enjoy music with more advanced arrangements and texture, and I think that comes from Abba. I was always the weird kid in town, but I was never bullied or anything like that. I’ve always played in bands, and I’ve also achieved a university degree in music. In 2015 a guy contacted me and asked if I wanted to participate in a project. That guy was Doedsadmiral, and the project is what is now known as Nordjevel.

2. Where do you live? Are you satisfied with living in Norway? In what country would you like to move and why?

I found out I was too weird to live in small towns, but not weird enough for the big city life. Therefore I chose to live in the hills along with my cat.I’m satisfied living in Norway in the sense that most of it consists of mountains and forests. The big problem is always the people. If I could, I would live on a desert island by myself somewhere in the pacific.

3. Who are you by profession? Do you make a living with music, or have to have additionally a job to pay your bills?

I’m working in the field of health, in psychiatry and helping people who can’t help themselves. The job is very interesting and fulfilling, and I actually prefer being around people who are somewhat cut off from society. They are the ones I spend my time with when I’m not by myself, or out working with the band.

4. Some time ago I had a dream to live in seclusion in Norway on the shore of the fjord, in the house with recordings studio, and to make music. Would You have been able to live this way? What kind of lifestyle do you prefer - urban or rural? Or maybe You’ll become a family man?

Hey, that’s my plan too you know! I would like to live in a place even more secluded than where I’m living right now, which is pretty secluded. If you live by a fjord or a lake you don’t need much else. I definitely prefer the rural lifestyle. If I can’t take a piss by your mailbox, there’s a huge problem. I would enjoy being a family man, and I’m currently making some plans along with my fiancé to find some land and build our home in nature. We are both very much traditionalists in that sense. I’ll just have to balance it out with my work which involves some travelling, but she has been nothing but supportive and encouraging. She’s one of the few traditional, healthy and good women left, so I’m very lucky to have found my soulmate on this insane planet.

5. Last year, you recorded a guest solo on the song "Rebuild On Better Days" for the last album by Russian band Dissector. Have you already experience like a session musician?

I have done some session work during the years, but not that much. I think if people knew I am capable in most popular genres, I would get asked more often. Somehow I’m known for playing ONLY metal music, which is an insult to be honest. I record a lot of music that never will get released, just for my own practice. I have several hard drives with my own recordings, ranging from jazz, electronica, reggae, techno to pop, classical etc.

6. I am sure that Nordjevel already left their mark in the Scandinavian metal music. How serious do you think about Your legacy as a musician?

I hope we did! These are just the first baby steps compared to our ambitions. I don’t think I care that much about my legacy. I was born to create, and that’s what I’m doing. Whether people will remember me for black metal or any other genre is not important. What’s important for me is to do as much of what I enjoy on this planet before I fade away into nothingness.

7. How much music you have, that no one has ever heard of? Maybe unreleased songs, demos, alternative takes and other stuff? How much Nordjevel’s material doesn’t make its way to the studio and stayat home on demo-stage?

As I said, I have several hard drives with my own projects, that no one will ever hear. I started recording when I was around 12 years old, and the number of songs are in the hundreds. As for Nordjevel, I have a few songs that we’ll never record. I nearly finished what was supposed to be our second album, but we decided to scrap the whole thing. The songs are awesome, but with some distance we figured it wasn’t going in the direction we were looking for.

8. The music world will never be the same, but I want to believe that the work of the musician will again be adequately paid and in demand. Do you think that there is still a chance to see flourishingextreme music scene, like it was in the '80s, early' 90s and the first decade of the 2000s?

I think the scene is already flourishing for the fans, but not for the musicians. Most of your favorite musicians have to work at Seven Eleven because fans aren’t willing to pay. I have no idea how this can be solved, and I have doubts that it ever will be. Two generations of fans are already used to getting whatever they want for free, and I think it will be extremely hard to reverse that mindset. The only thing I can think of is government subsidies, but anything that needs to be subsidized to be profitable has of course already failed.

9. It is said, in the Nordic countries, for example, in Sweden, the musicians are forced to pay extremely high taxes. Does it concern also Your band Nordjevel? What about taxes in Norway?

If you add everything up, we pay over half our income in taxes. The upside about being a musician is that you get tax cuts for investing (in equipment, travelling etc.), but the socialist state still grab most of what you earn. It’s all designed to keep people down, and equally miserable. People working 40 hours weeks are pretty much on the same level as welfare receivers.

10. What do you dislike during the tour and during working in the studio?

Touring is fun, as long as you keep alcohol at a healthy distance. The biggest issue is always non-existing privacy. It is what you make it out to be, and I try to make the best of it. I enjoy travelling, and even if we are somewhat unusual people, it’s a travelling company of sturdy and solid people. Working in the studio is one of my favorite things to do. I’m fortunate enough to record everything I do right here in my own house, but I’m usually comfortable in any studio situation. Technical issues is of course a pain in the ass, but I’m familiar with most of it by now.

11. How much music do You buy on CD? What do you think, how long vinyl will stay popular?

I buy quite a bit, since I spend a lot of time driving. I refuse to use the AUX input and use spotify in my car. I go out and buy the album instead. I also buy vinyls, even though I don’t have a record player at the moment. I’m not sure how long the kids will think it’s cool, but hopefully it’s here to stay. It might just be a hipster phenomenon though.

12. What is your attitude to pets?

I think pets are very important to keep humans grounded. Especially for creative people who prefer being on their own. Having a cat is perfect for me, and he keeps me somewhat sane in all this. I think there should be a screening process though, since most people out there aren’t capable of taking care of another live being.

13. Thanks for the interview! I wish prosperity to You and Your band!

Thank you! Nice talking to you mate!